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VOC Scrubber

Product Description

VOC Scrubber are used for the removal of volatile organic compounds that are emitted from the industrial processes such as oil, diesel and gas industries, refineries, etc. Volatile organic compounds or VOC’s are the components that easily become vapors or gases. They contain elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, fluorine, sulfur, nitrogen, bromine etc. Mostly Volatile components are gasoline, benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, styrene, perchloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene etc.


There are many factors that must be considered while designing the VOC Scrubber such as gas stream loading, regulatory requirements etc.  Apzem’s VOC scrubber has high VOC removal efficiency. This wet VOC Scrubber is most suitable for applications that involves in the emission of VOC’s that are soluble. Apzem’s VOC scrubber is constructed with corrosion and temperature resistant construction material. This scrubber works with 99.99% voc removal efficiency. Moreover it is capable of removing oil, mist and solid particles.

Technical Specification

Contaminants Removed

  • H2S , HCl , HF , HBr
  • HCN ,HNO3 , NH3
  • Formic acid , Chromic acid
  • SO2 , Cl2, F2, Br2 , BCl3, BF3
  • Formaldehyde , Ethylene compounds
  • Soluble alcohols, acids
  • VOCs And many others


  • Landfill and Biogas Contaminants
  • Acid Fumes and gases
  • Chemical Fumes and Odor
  • Food Processing Odors
  • Metal Finishing Fumes
  • Steel Processing Fumes
  • Wastewater treatment plant odors


  • Can sustain highly corrosive atmosphere.
  • Relatively low pressure drop.
  • High mass transfer efficiency.
  • Require relatively small space.

Other Technical Details