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Wet Scrubber Servicing  

Apzem provides complete servicing for scrubbers and other air pollution control equipments of all make. We also undertake AMC / CMC of servicing and maintaining existing list of Air Pollution control equipments, servicing of wet scrubber  of all types and odor adsorption scrubber.Wet scrubber services includes refilling of Packings, and checking for functioning of nozzle, pumps, valves and replacing of any spares if needed

Air Scrubber Installation 

Apzem has a group of well-trained experts who have years of experience in installation of scrubbers. Our installation team consists of efficient professionals who are capable of handling all types of scrubbers. Apzem is well known for its professionalism and completion of tasks with in specified time. All our products are custom designed by efficient and experienced designers such that all the scrubbers comes in optimal size and it consumes very less space for installation.

Scrubber Cleaning and Maintenance 

As with other components of an industrial chimney or smokestack exhaust system, scrubbers must be properly maintained and cleaned. Filters and material collection devices should be emptied or replaced as necessary. A smokestack scrubber that is not properly maintained will be inefficient and can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Scrubbers can also suffer from high levels of corrosion and produce slurry waste streams which tend to be more of a hassle to recycle and dispose of.