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Jet Venturi Scrubber

Jet Venturi Scrubber is designed to entrain and scrub gases without the use of complicated baffles or moving parts.

The scrubbing fluid used is usually water. It leaves the nozzle in a hollow cone spray. This creates a draft which draws the gases and vapors into the moving stream.  Here they are continuously scrubbed so as to meet the required efficiency.

Principles of Operation

It uses a well atomized scrubbing liquid stream to entrain contaminated gas stream.

High Liquid/Gas ratio and surface area provided by the atomized liquid provides effective absorption of toxic gases.

Large number of small droplets provides efficient capture of particulate upto 2 micron size.

Typical Operating Parameters

Liquid/Gas Ratio = 40 – 100 gpm/1000 cfm

Spray Nozzle Pressure Drop = 15 – 100 psi

Suction Draft = 0 – 3” w.c.

Scrubber Water Treatment

Scrubber Wastewater cannot be simply flushed down the drain. This waste water may contain salts such as sulfates, chlorides and carbonates. Less volume of waste water can be handled by using evaporator drums and large volumes of water can be handled by using thermal evaporator.