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Incinerator Scrubber

Product Description

Incineration is a waste treatment process that involves the combustion of organic substances contained in waste materials. Incineration of waste materials converts the waste into ash, flue gas, and heat.

Incinerator Scrubber is used for the safe removal of harmful flue gases that are emitted from the incinerators and thermal oxidizers.

Incinerator scrubber is specially designed for high-temperature furnace and incinerator filter applications and for all combustion process that produces corrosive by-products.

Incinerator Scrubber

Technical Specification

Contaminants Removed

  • H2S , HCl , HF , HBr
  • HCN ,HNO3 , NH3
  • Formic acid , Chromic acid
  • SO2 , Cl2, F2, Br2 , BCl3, BF3
  • Formaldehyde , Ethylene compounds
  • Soluble alcohols, acids
  • VOCs And many others

Applied Industries

  • Rotary kilns
  • Calcinators
  • Multiple hearth furnaces
  • Refractory furnaces
  • Fluidized bed furnaces
  • Biomass grate furnaces
  • Catalytic combustion furnaces
  • Waste-fired boilers
  • Liquid injection incinerators
  • Direct flame gas incinerators
  • Hazardous waste incinerators
  • Sludge incinerators
  • Fume oxidizers
  • VOC oxidizers

Standard Features

  • High efficiency packed bed incinerator scrubber
  • Mist eliminator section – 99%+ efficient units available.
  • Integral recirculation system and corrosion-resistant pump.
  • Piping package for quench and scrubber sections.
  • Vertical or horizontal wet quench section or quench venturi section.
  • Instrumentation package, including pH control and flow sensors. Fully automated operation.
  • Motor control starter package.
  • Systems are custom-engineered to accommodate user gas volume and contaminant input/output loading.

Other Technical Details