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H2S Gas Scrubber

Product Description

H2S Scrubber or Hydrogen Sulfide Scrubber is a wet scrubber used for the removal of H2S gas. It is specially designed for the removal of harmful odorous hydrogen sulfide gas from the industrial process and municipal waste treatment. H2s monitor is used to monitor the level of H2S and H2S air scrubbers are used in bio gas treatment. H2s wet scrubbers are also used to remove hydrogen sulfide from natural gas.

Technical Specification

H2S Gas Scrubber
H2S Gas Scrubber


  • Efficient intimate contact between gas and liquid reagent
  •  Simple design and operation with no packed columns
  • Factory constructed, compact design
  •  No waste – only environmentally acceptable solid sulfur cake
  •  Automated control system


  • Steel and Mining industry,
  • Electric power plants,
  • Oil and gas extraction operations,
  • Oil refineries,
  • Pulp and paper mills,
  • Sewage treatment plants,
  • Large poultry farms ,
  • Portland cement kilns,
  • Municipal waste landfills,
  • Coke ovens,
  • Sulfur products and hydrogen sulfide production,
  • Asphalt production and storage etc….


  • Small footprint
  • Low installed costs
  •  Automatic reagent addition
  •  No disposal of potentially hazardous media
  •  No labour for media cleaning or replacement
  •  Consistent performance with
  • 99% H2S removal
  •  No additional waste treatment equipment or operating costs
  •  Automatic response to changes in gas flow rate or H2 S composition
  • Continuous reliable operation without any column to plug, foul, or foam.

Other Technical Details