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FGD Scrubber

Product Description

Apzem’s FGD Scrubber can be used for the removal of SO2, HCl, SO3or HF emitted from any industrial processes. FGD Wet Scrubbing system uses water and suitable chemical as scrubbing media.


The flue gas that must be treated is made to enter the absorber. It travels up through the absorption zone. It contacts the absorbent slurry while travelling upward. The gas that is scrubbed continues to pass through mist eliminator.  This mist eliminator traps the en-trained drops before it exists the scrubber. The solution that is used for scrubbing is passed through a recycle tank.

Technical Specification

Contaminants Removed

  • H2S , HCl , HF , HBr
  • HCN ,HNO3 , NH3
  • Formic acid , Chromic acid
  • SO2 , Cl2, F2, Br2 , BCl3, BF3
  • Formaldehyde , Ethylene compounds
  • Soluble alcohols, acids
  • VOCs And many others


  • Landfill and Biogas Contaminants
  • Acid Fumes and gases
  • Chemical Fumes and Odor
  • Food Processing Odors
  • Metal Finishing Fumes
  • Steel Processing Fumes
  • Wastewater treatment plant odors


  • Can handle even very high temperature flue gases.
  • Uses very less level of water.
  • High quality, Better operational experience and economical.
  • Efficient separation & disposal of solid waste.

Other Technical Details