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Wet scrubbers are a special device used to remove a variety of pollutants from exhaust gas from furnaces or other devices.


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APZEM is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and is emerging as a global brand in the field of Airpollution control Domain. Apzem has been engaged in designing, manufacturing and supplying of widest range of Air Pollution Control Equipments like dustcollector, Fume extractor, Wet scrubber, Dryscrubber, Fumehood etc and Ventilation systems to its customers from different kinds of industries.
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Top of the line C&C services can give you highly precise output. High technology laser C&C cutters can produce virtually anything you imagine from almost any material.
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Our professional staff can bring the power of our welders to your location. Contact us any time for consulting and we can offer a complete welding solution for your business.

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A wet scrubber is a type of air pollution control device that is used to remove pollutants from industrial exhaust gases. It works by introducing a scrubbing liquid, typically water, into the exhaust stream, which captures the pollutants and removes them from the air. Wet scrubbers are commonly used to remove particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and other acidic gases from industrial emissions.
There are several reasons why a wet scrubber may be used in industrial applications. For one, wet scrubbers are highly effective at removing pollutants from exhaust streams, often achieving removal efficiencies of 90% or higher. They are also relatively simple to operate and maintain, making them a cost-effective solution for many industrial facilities.
Another advantage of wet scrubbers is that they can be designed to handle a wide range of pollutants, making them versatile and adaptable to different types of industrial processes. Additionally, wet scrubbers can help to improve air quality in surrounding communities by reducing emissions of harmful pollutants. Overall, wet scrubbers are a popular choice for industrial air pollution control because of their effectiveness, versatility, and relatively low cost.

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